An unidentified gull

Irakleion, Crete harbour, November 20.
The gull of the next photo, second on the left, beside the normal YLG was bigger than most YLGs with darker mantle colouration, more head markings than usual in YLG and the Caspians of the harbour. Although most probably it is another YLG some more things are strange, like the relativelly long tribia together with a large amount of white in wing tips and the long bill:

The same individual with a LBBG, presumed as L. f. intermedius:

Together with YLG, mantle colouration a bit darker although some rain and heavy clouds made it difficult to be shown on photos. But see different bill shape and the longer legs:

In the same date, most probably the same individual:

The amount of the white in wing tips and the mantle colouration seems unlike the typical L.f.heuglini. One suggestion was an hybrid L. cachinnans x L. (f.) heuglini. Compare with a presumed Heuglin's Gull, also today 20/11/2007:

...and one presumed heuglini the previous day (not unlikely the same individual above):

Arrival of Med. Gulls

Just 4 pics of Mediterranean Gulls, Larus melanocephalus, in several plumages, taken on November 12, 2007 in Irakleion Crete. The date of their first arrival noticed to Irakleion harbour in Nov, 7 this year. Few Black-headed Gulls were seen there from Nov, 5. Generally late arrivals.

November, 8 2007 - Irakleion harbour

I put 10 photos of non adults, this time, all shown different individuals.

1. Small size, very dark, presumed as a Baltic.2. One presumed as Heuglin's:
3. One presumed as LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group:
4. One small sized with light appearence"
5. A probable Caspian?:
6. Another LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group, most probably:
7. Once more, a probable LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group:
8. No idea, close to Heuglin's?:
9. Somewhere to the fuscus complex...:
This one looks like a bit strange michahellis:

November, 12 addition, A very dark individual:

November 6, new arrivals to Irakleio harbour

Today, Nov 6, many new arrivals in the harbour of Irakleion noticed.
Some of them are very interesting making again problems in ID.
3-4 presumed taxa together in the following picture, from the left: heuglini, michahellis, fuscus and the last presumed as an intermedius:
The above presumed L. f. intermedius:
A bird that could probably is a western type LBBG (graellsii)? small for heuglini? See the heavy moult in wing covers:
A ringed Baltic Gull, most probably the same individual from last year:Another Baltic Gull:
A presumed L. heuglini a large gull:
A dark 1st winter individual, probably a Baltic?:
This 1st winter was a heavy bird, what is it?:
A very light one, presumed as a Caspian:
And another difficult case. The gull in the middle is obviously smaller and a little darker than the two michahellis behind it. What is it? Armenian? Steppe? Or a very strange female YLG? Note also the dark shadow of the left bird, what is it?:
The same bird in the right, to compare its face with the YLGs ones:

More YLGs, early October, Irakleio, Crete

YLGs, Larus michahellis, 3 individuals, moulting in both primaries and secondaries.

3rd winter YLG.

2nd winters YLGs

One 1st winter YLG, Oct, 2.

Another 1st winter michahellis Oct, 5. Most local 1st winters YLG are already replacing their greater coverts.

A sub-adult individual, YLG or Caspian?

Gulls of the fuscus complex, Irakleio Oct 2007

On October 2, 2007 four gulls of the fuscus complex were seen in Irakleio harbour:

One very dark, certainly a Baltic fuscus, one, the larger one, presumed as a Heuglin's and the other two LBBGs presumed as intermedius/graellsii.

Comparison of the Baltic with one presumed intermedius, 2/10/07.

The presumed intermedius, 2/10/07, large mirror, no moult in wing covers.

Baltic Gull, L. f. fuscus, much smaller than michahellis.

October 5, additions

Above there are 3 pictures of one individual presumed as LBBG of the race intermedius or a very light Baltic, fuscus. Note the relatively large white mirror, its moulting in wing covers and the few head markings.

Pictures of one presumed heuglini, probably same individual with the one on Oct 2, as large as most michahellis present. Note the complete moult, the absence of head markings and the small white mirror (sharply cut).

October 11, addition

Two LBBGs of the fuscus complex with a L. michahelis. The one in the middle probably the same individual from October, 5 but the smaller one had more obvious moult in greater coverts and more head markings.

October 18, additions

The small individual of the previous picture? together with a Baltic and 2 YLGs. The LBBG was looking even smaller than the Baltic, with many head markings and so it is not a heuglini. Any possibility of being a graellsii?

The same LBBG showing heavy moult on its covers.

October 24, additions

New arrivals today, October 24, more dark gulls and more problems to be solved!

A medium-size LBBG, heavy head markings, a new individual, where from?

One, still moulting wing coverts, another intermedius?

Another small-sized individual with few head markings and light colour, too small for heuglini?