Latest Gulling on 2011 - an odd one!

I was focusing in the flock when a strange bird passed by:

A pic to show a typical primary pattern on YLG:

Several YLGs:

An immature Caspian with a very hooked bill:

Same bird from the other side:

And then the odd one appeared!

I think is a partly leucistic Heuglin's Gull:

Details shows a subadult:

Dec 7, 2011 Herakleion

A subadult YLG, injured in foot:
Baltic or Scandinavian LBBG?:
Mediterranean 1st winter:
A rare visitor in the harbour, a 2nd winter Audouin's !!!
Good day with some rain!

Many Larus fuscus & heuglini this year!

Maybe more than 50 birds on the late November in Heraklion harbour are fuscus type birds. LBBG intermedius, BG fuscus and HG heuglini are more than any other year of the last 10. Mainly Heuglins and many young birds look also this type of fuscus.
And always some birds are difficult to identificate like this "heuglini or barabensis":

Armenian present also, left with YLG on the right:
Heuglin's are so great:
This bird made me a bit puzzling before decide to identificate as Caspian:
But this one remains unidentificated...:
Next pic shows a ringed young gull on left. Probable numbers I read are: xE-x7x428
(x=R, x=1, x=5), hope to another better look. The right one possibly Armenian:
YLG are always beautiful:
Possible HG, 1st winter:
Oily Mediteranean:
And more to show...

8 November 2011

Many new arrivals!

BHG - Med G.


2 CGs



Possible Baltic


Again here!! For another winter this BG. Still in moult the wing covers!
The YLG on the right has different colour in its legs !!

Chance to identification - Oct 25

Another good gulling in Herakleion harbour this morning! But mostly immature gulls that need so much home work! All 8 birds above are shown here. The darkest one was this LBBG or Baltic juvenile type:
Two pics of a 2nd-winter Armenian:

An oily one, presumed Heuglin's:
A heavy one, is a heuglini also?:
A strange one, also most probably heuglini:
Three interesting ones:
The left, I think n Larus fuscus intermedius type:
The central, presumed as Baltic:
The right - unknown but probably a northern LBBG!:
Apart from 8 above, more good ones:
The sub-adult (3rd winter?) Armenian:
... and a 1st winter Caspian:
A LBBG, most probably intermedius with problem in feets:
and finally this beautiful one! (Baltic I suppose...):
Together only 12 birds photographed in my short visit, most gulls were in the sea around fish boats, but was an exellent day!