Colour Ringing of YLGs on Crete. Part 4: YLGulls

Already fledged young, wet or not:

Its first flight:

Fledged one:

Not fledged one:

Still some eggs:

Chick a big one trying to hide:

Parents aggressive above:


The colony on Petalidi:

Colour Ringing of YLGs on Crete. Part 3 : Weather

T-Cu to the north, on early morning of 5/6:

Ac and drops, morning 6/6:

Ac & YLGs in colony:

Sunset, 4/6:

No drops, just moths!:

h stravos einai o gialos...

h stava armenizoume:

Colour Ringing of YLGs on Crete. Part 2 : Team

The team on Boat:

And on work, Mari searching for chicks:

Mathieu with the first one!!:

Ringer leader Christos teaching and ringing:




Colour Ringing of YLGs on Crete. Part 1 : Dia island

Some views from the island of Dia, the site of Colour Ringing. The bay and the small port on the SW corner, June 5 - arrivals of boats for the Ascension Day:

Crete as was shown from Dia on June 6:

The bay on June 4:

And the church on the same evening:

Dia habitats:

The islet of Petalidi, or Glaronissi:

Probably the commonest animal of Dia:

A 2nd summer Caspian?

No June records are known for Caspian Gulls to Crete. This individual was in captivity with crosscut primaries for unknown time, probably from winter. Looks Caspian to me, because of its head and bill shape and its long legs.