Interesting 1st winters...

This very dark bird needs more examination, I will appriciate any comments...
Comparing with a typical YLG:
November 3, Her Har.

Armenian and more...

The bird above confused me but it is most probably only another YLG...
But the adult in the right of next pics looked fine for Armenian (Nov, 3 2010):
Another "Armenian like" bird, again most probably YLG one!:
And a more "canditate" Armenian, large amount of black on wings, more typical head and bill, more dark than YLG behind:
And an intermedius type one :

A second winter Heuglin's ?

Baltic and Heuglins were present on November 9 in Her harbour, although the strong south winds. An interesing 2nd-winter gull also present:
Comparing with Yellow-legged type birds:
Is that a Heuglin's?