Chance to identification - Oct 25

Another good gulling in Herakleion harbour this morning! But mostly immature gulls that need so much home work! All 8 birds above are shown here. The darkest one was this LBBG or Baltic juvenile type:
Two pics of a 2nd-winter Armenian:

An oily one, presumed Heuglin's:
A heavy one, is a heuglini also?:
A strange one, also most probably heuglini:
Three interesting ones:
The left, I think n Larus fuscus intermedius type:
The central, presumed as Baltic:
The right - unknown but probably a northern LBBG!:
Apart from 8 above, more good ones:
The sub-adult (3rd winter?) Armenian:
... and a 1st winter Caspian:
A LBBG, most probably intermedius with problem in feets:
and finally this beautiful one! (Baltic I suppose...):
Together only 12 birds photographed in my short visit, most gulls were in the sea around fish boats, but was an exellent day!

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