November, 8 2007 - Irakleion harbour

I put 10 photos of non adults, this time, all shown different individuals.

1. Small size, very dark, presumed as a Baltic.2. One presumed as Heuglin's:
3. One presumed as LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group:
4. One small sized with light appearence"
5. A probable Caspian?:
6. Another LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group, most probably:
7. Once more, a probable LBBG of graellsii - intermedius group:
8. No idea, close to Heuglin's?:
9. Somewhere to the fuscus complex...:
This one looks like a bit strange michahellis:

November, 12 addition, A very dark individual:

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