November 6, new arrivals to Irakleio harbour

Today, Nov 6, many new arrivals in the harbour of Irakleion noticed.
Some of them are very interesting making again problems in ID.
3-4 presumed taxa together in the following picture, from the left: heuglini, michahellis, fuscus and the last presumed as an intermedius:
The above presumed L. f. intermedius:
A bird that could probably is a western type LBBG (graellsii)? small for heuglini? See the heavy moult in wing covers:
A ringed Baltic Gull, most probably the same individual from last year:Another Baltic Gull:
A presumed L. heuglini a large gull:
A dark 1st winter individual, probably a Baltic?:
This 1st winter was a heavy bird, what is it?:
A very light one, presumed as a Caspian:
And another difficult case. The gull in the middle is obviously smaller and a little darker than the two michahellis behind it. What is it? Armenian? Steppe? Or a very strange female YLG? Note also the dark shadow of the left bird, what is it?:
The same bird in the right, to compare its face with the YLGs ones:


Manu said...

to your caption "This 1st winter was a heavy bird" : it's an juv/1stW Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) : structure, shape, mantle pattern etc... must not be common there in Crete

Anonymous said...

You wrote:
"Note also the dark shadow of the left bird, what is it?"
It's oil!
If a gull has been standing/walking on a place with oil, it get's dark/black marks after schratching the head.
It's quite common here in NW-part og Denmark (and Pallas Gull is NOT common here about....).

Greetings Lar(u)s P...

dretos said...

Thank you!