Gulls of the fuscus complex, Irakleio Oct 2007

On October 2, 2007 four gulls of the fuscus complex were seen in Irakleio harbour:

One very dark, certainly a Baltic fuscus, one, the larger one, presumed as a Heuglin's and the other two LBBGs presumed as intermedius/graellsii.

Comparison of the Baltic with one presumed intermedius, 2/10/07.

The presumed intermedius, 2/10/07, large mirror, no moult in wing covers.

Baltic Gull, L. f. fuscus, much smaller than michahellis.

October 5, additions

Above there are 3 pictures of one individual presumed as LBBG of the race intermedius or a very light Baltic, fuscus. Note the relatively large white mirror, its moulting in wing covers and the few head markings.

Pictures of one presumed heuglini, probably same individual with the one on Oct 2, as large as most michahellis present. Note the complete moult, the absence of head markings and the small white mirror (sharply cut).

October 11, addition

Two LBBGs of the fuscus complex with a L. michahelis. The one in the middle probably the same individual from October, 5 but the smaller one had more obvious moult in greater coverts and more head markings.

October 18, additions

The small individual of the previous picture? together with a Baltic and 2 YLGs. The LBBG was looking even smaller than the Baltic, with many head markings and so it is not a heuglini. Any possibility of being a graellsii?

The same LBBG showing heavy moult on its covers.

October 24, additions

New arrivals today, October 24, more dark gulls and more problems to be solved!

A medium-size LBBG, heavy head markings, a new individual, where from?

One, still moulting wing coverts, another intermedius?

Another small-sized individual with few head markings and light colour, too small for heuglini?

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