Yellow-legged and Caspian Gulls: immature cases

That picture was taken on Sep 2008 in Herakleion harbour. Some especially the head shape looks quite atypical as 2cy YLG. This reminds more a 3cy Caspian. So, is that a YLG or CG or something else? Usually no Caspians are present in September on Crete:

Most of the local fledged juveniles YLG leave Crete in July-August to unknown areas! The few remaining local YLG in 1stwinter - 2nd winter plumages are pale birds, and this make them difficult to ID in winter together with soame aeging Caspians coming through. Also YLG from unknown origin are coming to winter on Crete (Greece) but their immatures look much darker from locals. Body moults (mandle, covers) and even primary moult seems to be later on such wintering birds.
The next bird is a typical 1st-winter local YLG in January, picture taken in colony of Elafonissi in SW corner of Crete:

The local YLG in 2nd winter (2cy/3cy) are even more scarse on Cretan colonies! Probably because of mortality. Birds of this age are more common on harbours and waste areas but I think they are mostly wintering visitors. The locals may look like this one in November:

And like this one inJanuary:

Possible Caspian in late December 2008, Herakleion:

And another bird in February 2007 with bill and face remind cachinnans, but...:

Finally a bird from February 2001, identificated as an 2cy Armenian:

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