Mid Winter Gulls, Herakleion-Crete

Low numbers but good gull diversity this winter.

A candidate female heuglini:

A large heuglini, most probably a male, comparing in size with an "intermedius":

Another adult intermedius type:

Heavily moulted 2nd winter Baltic Gull:

The next 2 birds of type intermedius look different:

Typical michahellis:

Caspian and YLG together:

Adult Armenian:

Slender-billed Gull, a rare visitor in Crete in winter, just the 5th wintering record!:

Apart the YLG there are some difficult cases of immatures.

Possible Caspian 1st winter:

Is that a heuglini?:

Most probably a 2nd winter armenicus:

A strange bird, small as an armenicus, darker of michahellis:

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