The fuscus complex again...

Heuglin's Gull:
Here there a series of photos from an individual presumed as an "easy" Larus (fuscus) heuglini taken on Irakleion harbour on 31 Jan 2008.

A large sized gull with yellowish (but not bright yellow) legs:

It was still on primaries moult, see the wing tip:

The head characteristic, see the eye with a "coral red" orbital ring and yellow bill with a red-orange gonys spot on the lower mandible:

Head streaking:

The same individual in flight:

The next picture taken on 30 January shows a Baltic Gull (Larus fuscus fuscus) to the right, with incomplete primary moult and a possible L.f. intermedius in immature plumage:

Here in zoom, any other suggestion for this one?:

Again seen the ringed Baltic gull from Finland (second year presend) on 6 Feb:

Finally another difficult to me bird to ID, taken on 6 Feb. Is it a L.f. graellsii ?:

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Nacho Vega said...

It looks like a L. fuscus graellsii.