October 23, Gulls

Another good day. Stormy on Cretan Sea.

A "dirty" YLG , subadult:

 Another "dirty" YLG, adult:

A "blackish" LBBG, but most probably intermedius:

A subadult presumed Steppe Gull barabensis with YLG:

Immature case, 3rd winter YLG:

3rd winter most probably Armenian:

Unknown, probably CG, 1st winter:

Unknown, also probably CG, 1st winter with a most probably HG 1st winter on back:

Positive CG, 1st winter with a 3rd-winter YLG:

2nd winter HG:

Adult YLG with "dirty" legs:

A difficult 4th winter - with bright yellow legs, YLG?:

A YLG or something else? too much white on underwings, flesh colouring legs:

The same subadult Steppe Gull barabensis"

 HG, adult male with YLG:

Two cases of HGs the left is the same individual with above large male. The right is really small, female:

2nd -winter YLG:

And finally two pics of a 1st winter, most probably Armenian:

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