Last wintering Gulls

Five interesting birds together, 18 Mar.

To the left side a 4 cal year Caspian:
Next one from left a small dark one, probably a Baltic?:
A big one, probably Heuglin's:
A little one, Armenian?:
And the 15 cal year one male Baltic again:
Differences in length of legs:
Three birds on flight: One with heavy primary moult in both winds:
Another (michahellis?) on heavy primary moult:
And a whitish first winter-2nd summer bird, just a michahellis?:
A 2nd-winter/3rd summer? fuscus type bird, probably intermedius, 17 Mar:
Most Gulls now on move...


crete car hire heraklion airport said...

can i ask which camera model you used for this amazing gull shots?


dretos said...

Nicon D5000 AF-5 18-55mm
AF-5 70-300mm