Wintering Gulls on Crete and more...

The next two pictures were taken on lake Kastoria, Western Makedonia, North Greece by Christos Toskos. First one taken to show the GBBG but also show an individual in front that is looking interesting. The dark eye goes to Caspian? It looks long billed for Armenian. But what about a possibility of Steppe Gull?
The second bird has been supposed as a Herring Gull but I believe is a Caspian. Any other suggestions? :
The rest of the photos in this post were taken here, a "pair" of suggested Armenians, adult and 1st winter on the next 4 photos, in a river mouth just west of the town, although the adult bird seems to have lots of white on primaries it was small-sized (compare with michahellis beside), dark and with 4-coloured short bill:
A "good" heuglini case:
Presumed Caspians. or something else?:
A typical Caspian, with problematic wing:Next 4 photos: Several cases of LBBGs, among Caspians and YLGs, what subspecies?:
And the returned, for one more year male Baltic:
Finally the rare on Crete SBG:

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