Late October Gulls: armenian, steppe or other?

More Gulls present now in Heraklion harbour. A morning count give as many as 200 michahellis and several darker birds of fuscus complex, with many problematic cases.

On 27th the picture shows a typical Baltic fuscus with a presumed heuglini, compare sizes! :

On the same date a strange individual appeared among the group of michahellis, have a look the darker bird on the back:

Shape of head and long bill cachinnans type, mantle darker grey than michahellis present, legs not so yellow and longer. Another case of a possible barabensis?

Today, 31st a (female?) LBBG appearing as a typical intermedius came very close to me to be a star:

But next one was the most interesting in the company:

Most probably a 2nd winter armenicus? Compare it with the 1st winter and the adult michahellis at the next picture. Small size, mantle color, long legs. Also characteristic bill.

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