A possible Steppe Gull. Photo by Christos Vlachos

Steppe Gull [Larus (cachinnans-heuglini-fuscus) barabensis] was my opinion from the first view. Me and Christos were watced that bird for long, it was a small gull of the large white headed group, smaller than Caspians, Yellow-legged and Heuglin's of the group occured on 18 January 2007 on Irakleion harbour. It had the same mantle colour as the three adult Armenians we watched there but longer bill and not a very dark eye. Legs yellow not as bright as michahellis, not very long. I am not sure if it was a full adult individual.
Possibility of being an abberant small female Yellow-legged limited because of its darker mantle and, if it was an adult, the wing formula.
Possibility of being Armenian also limited due to long bill and shape.
Possibility of being a Heuglin's Gull limited due to lighter mantle and to the small size.

If accepted will be the first Steppe Gull in Greece! Photos with better quality are available if somebody want to see.

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