A Good Christmas Gulling on Herakleion Port, December 24, 2016

Yellow Lines on ground, a help in identification!
14 Gulls in a show

Adult Number 1. Are any adults Yellow-legged Gulls without yellow legs ? or this Gull is something else? Is this a mongster from Russia ("Greg" Gull) where several adults look well like michahellis?

Eye darkish.

Legs dull fleshy.

Primary pattern more like heuglini type?

Adult Number 2. The real YLG. Yellow legs exactly like background!

Adult Number 3. the case of a light gull. Looks heuglini to me but manyle colour isn't so dark

In my opinion it is a heuglini, another option is Russian mysteries. legs with some yellowish tone:

Adult Number 4. 
I think this Gull is a LBBG of the western race graelsii Moult looks complete to me.

Also almost bright yellow legs, unlike heuglini normal colour.

Fine head stripes

and opern eye

Primaries finished moult in December

An adult Number 5
Although difficult to determine from this only one picture this one is a Baltic Gull

An adult Number 6
Another difficult "heuglini" type bird

Legs colour "foggy"

An adult Number 7
Not a bird "yellow-legged". Large sized,large white mirrors, a fine Caspian I think

An adult Number 8
Is that a classic barabensis? why not?
Legs dull yellow

Any possibiltity of Armenian instaed of barabensis? or other mongster from Russia?

Flying on the red ship bachgraond the primary pattern doesn't fit armenicus

An adult Number 9
And the lovely female type Armenian Gull

Not such a bright yellow legs

ok baby, Iknow you like high posts!

fine "armenicus" primary pattern with black on secondary covers

Really dark eye, Bill four coloured.

2nd winter  Number 10
a michahellis

1st winter Number11
Limited moultd in scapulars bird.

I think a good "heuglini" type

1st winter Number12
Not sure, Looks dark enough for fuscus,

1st winter Number13
I prefer not to name this one

1st winter Number14
This give to me the jizz of an intermedius




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